29 Dec

Fitzsimmons Ross E.B., Ireland Ronald G., Zhong Aileen., Soos Agnes, Simmons Craig A., Assessment of fibrin-collagen co-gels for generating microvessels ex vivo using endothelial cell-lined microfluidics and multipotent stromal cell (MSC)-induced capillary morphogenesis. Biomedical Materials. 2020 | IOP Science.

29 Jun

Fitzsimmons Ross EB, Aquilino Mark S., Quigley Jasmine, Chebotarev Oleg, Tarlan Farhang, Simmons Craig A. Generating vascular channels within hydrogel constructs using an economical open-source 3D bioprinter and thermoreversible gels. Bioprinting: 2018; 9:7-18 | ScienceDirect