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2014-11-03Congratulations to Agnes, who was awarded a Frank and Barbara Milligan Graduate Fellowship for 2014-15.
2014-09-19Congratulations to Richard, who successfully defended his MASc thesis today!
2014-09-02Jenna thoroughly impressed Cheryl Regehr, Vice President & Provost of the University of Toronto by leading her on a tour of the lab and describing her work in identifying environmental conditions that enable bone marrow MSCs to develop tissue that could act as a functional, regenerative replacement for diseased heart valves.
2014-07-18Congratulations to Jessica, who won 2nd place in the World Congress of Biomechanics Student Paper Competition in the Fluid Mechanics, Biotransport, and Tissue/Cellular Engineering Category on July 8, 2014!
2014-07-06Aleks and his “tissue-on-a-chip” microfluidic platform are featured in a story on the Techno incubator program at the University of Toronto.
2014-06-27Congratulations to Michele, who won third prize at the Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Research Day 2014 for her poster entitled “Development of a Microfluidic Transmembrane Flow System to Characterize the Role of Chemotaxis and Motility in Borrelia burgdorferi Extravasation.”
2014-06-26Congratulations to Jenna, who was awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for 2014-15!
2014-06-26Congratulations to David, who was awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for 2014-15!
2014-06-25Congratulations to Andrea, who successfully defended her MASc thesis today!
2014-06-10Congratulations to Craig, who was appointed as Associate Director, Research of the Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) for a term of three years beginning July 1, 2014. This appointment follows his one year in the position as an acting associate director.
2014-06-03Congratulations to Craig, who was elected as a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers for excellence in mechanical engineering and active contribution to the progress of the profession and of the society.
2014-06-01Congratulations to Team Heart Valve, who completed the 50-km Becel Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart on June 1. The team, comprised of 17 lab members and friends, raised $5200 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. This amount is the most we've ever raised in the 7 years we've participated as a lab team. Thanks to all of our generous sponsors!

2014-06-01Congratulations to Krista, Andrea, and Zahra, whose paper “Evaluation of a porcine model of early aortic valve sclerosis” was accepted for publication in Cardiovascular Pathology.
2014-05-30Congratulations to Michele, who won the CMC Microsystems Best Poster Award in the Engineering and Physical Sciences category at the Ontario-on-a-Chip/MATCH Symposium.
2014-05-29Alex was awarded a Heffernan Commercialization Fellowship, a program that awards promising inventors with $32,000 to develop their products into viable businesses. More details about the fellowship are available here.
2014-05-08Congratulations to Craig on his promotion to full Professor! Your lab is extremely proud of you! :)
2014-05-01Congratulations to our undergraduate research students who received scholarships for the summer. Jessica received a CIHR Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis Studentship and Mark received a Dental Research Institute Summer Research Program Award. Congratulations to both!
2014-04-01Mark Blaser has been selected as the 2013-2014 “Lorne Phenix Graduate Award” recipient by the Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. This award is made possible by a generous donation in the memory of Mr. Lorne Phenix by the Phenix family. It is given on the basis of research and academic excellence and consists of a cash prize and a certificate.
2014-03-27Congratulations to Haijiao, whose paper “In situ mechanical characterization of the cell nucleus by atomic force microscopy” was published in ACS Nano. You can find the paper on the Publications page.
2014-02-26Congratulations to Ronnie, who received a CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's for 2014-15.
2013-12-17Congratulations to Noam, who successfully defended his MASc thesis today!
2013-10-04Congratulations to Agnes, who received two awards from IBBME for 2013-14: the Wildcat Graduate Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement and extra-curricular leadership, and the Anna Jamieson award for her leadership and contributions to the quality of life in IBBME.
2013-09-20Congratulations to Justin, who successfully defended his MASc thesis today!
2013-08-08Congratulations to Suthan, who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis today!
2013-07-12Congratulations to Michele, who received a Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Center of Excellence Studentship award for 2013-14.
2013-06-19Congratulations to Kelly, who successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis today!
2013-06-06Congratulations to Jeremy, who was awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship for 2013-14!
2013-06-06Congratulations to Mike, who was awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for 2013-14!
2013-06-06Congratulations to Ronnie, who was awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for 2013-14!
2013-06-06Congratulations to Haijiao, whose paper “Determination of local and global elastic moduli of valve interstitial cells cultured on soft substrates” was accepted for publication in Journal of Biomechanics. You can find the paper on the Publications page.

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