Introductory Biomechanics: Cover imageIntroductory Biomechanics
From Cells to Organisms
C. Ross Ethier and Craig A. Simmons

Introductory Biomechanics is a new, integrated text written specifically for engineering students. It provides a broad overview of this important branch of the rapidly growing field of bioengineering. A wide selection of topics is presented, ranging from the mechanics of single cells to the dynamics of human movement. No prior biological knowledge is assumed and in each chapter, the relevant anatomy and physiology are first described. The biological system is then analyzed from a mechanical viewpoint by reducing it to its essential elements, using the laws of mechanics and then tying mechanical insights back to biological function. This integrated approach provides students with a deeper understanding of both the mechanics and the biology than from qualitative study alone. The text is supported by a wealth of illustrations, tables and examples, a large selection of suitable problems and hundreds of current references, making it an essential textbook for any biomechanics course.

Supplemental Files
Download corrections to the 1st printing of the 1st edition (PDF format)
Laboratory Manual - Fahraeus-Lindqvist experiment using microfluidic devices (PDF format)
Laboratory Manual - Micropipette aspiration experiment using a microfluidic device (PDF format)

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C. Ross Ethier
Department of Bioengineering  
Imperial College
Craig A. Simmons
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto